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Eu-HEM Winter Workshop and Summer School

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Winter Workshop

The Eu-HEM Winter Workshop is a three days workshop when the consortium board invites Eu-HEM students’ and stakeholders from across Europe to Innsbruck. During the workshop stakeholders take part in shaping the content and outcomes of the programme’s learning offer. The aim of the Winter Workshop is to offer a master programme which is not only exellent in academic standards but also closely oriented to the European labour market.

The last Winter Workshops were held in Innsbruck 25th-28th of January 2016 and 16th-19th of January 2017
Programme Winter Workshop 2016

Watch the video of the opening ceremony

Summer School

The Eu-HEM Summer School is a summer course where all students are invited to take part in a one week course focusing on current topics within European health care. Students take part in lectures, groupwork, presentations and get a chance to meet representatives from large European Health atorities and Health Companies. The aim of the Summer School is to highlight the connection between theory and practice, and to use and improve the soft skills.

The last Summer School was about “Healthcare in the age of large migrations” and was held in Bologna during the 13th-17th of June 2016.
Programme Summer School 2016.