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Graduation guidelines and deadlines

The application for the final dissertation must be submitted on-line. You can find the link here: Studenti OnLine.


Graduation dates

Regular Application

Late Application 

Requirements fulfilment deadline

Thesis online upload 

Supervisor's approval deadline

Graduation committee published on SOL

SESSION I 26-27-28-29-30/6/2023

       Ven  28/04/2023

Gio 05/05/2023

Gio 25/05/2023

Gio 01/06/2023

Gio 08/06/2023

Ven 16/06/2023

SESSION I bis 24-25-26-27-28/7/2023


Gio 25/05/2023

Gio 08/06/2023

Lun 26/06/2023

Lun 03/07/2023

Mar 11/07/2023

Lun 17/07/2023


25, 26, 27,30 e 31/10/2022

Lun 18/09/2023

Lun 25/09/2023

Mar 26/09/2023

Lun 02/10/2023

Mer 11/10/2023

Mer 18/10/2023


13, 14 e 15/12/2023

Lun 16/10/2023

Lun 23/10/2023

Ven 10/11/2023

Mer 15/11/2023

Lun 27/11/2023

Mer 06/12/2023

1) Graduation session

The defence of the final thesis entails the discussion of a dissertation that is written under the guidance of a supervisor. Usually, the session covers more than one day. Students are generally informed about the exact date of their defence and the composition of the Graduation Board one week in advance through their institutional e-mail address. This piece of information is also available in the section called “Graduation”.

2) Application

The application for the graduation session is available 20 days before the deadline. 

3) Requirements fulfilment

Candidates have to:

  • Pass all the exams included in their study plan. All exams you have passed throughout your career – which are part of your study plan – should be registered. The Registrar Office will contact candidates through their institutional e-mail addresses in case of anomalies.
  • Fill in the “AlmaLaurea” online form. Candidates will find the appropriate link to Alma Laurea during the completion of their application (successful procedures will be acknowledged by the system about 2 hours later).

4) Upload of the final thesis

Candidates have to upload their thesis in pdf format (max 30 MB) in the appropriate section of their application. It is not possible to upload a thesis after the deadline. Candidates who do not manage to upload it within the required terms are not allowed to graduate in the chosen session.

Candidates should check that the title of their thesis as indicated in the application is consistent with the title they have indicated in the pdf file. The title of the thesis can be modified within the upload deadline. Please remember that the indicated title will be included in degree certificates.

5) Approval of the final thesis

Your supervisor will approve the final dissertation within 3 days since the upload deadline. Please check the state of approval of your thesis and contact your supervisor if needed.

Degree diploma and certificates

Students will receive their diploma directly at the address they have indicated in for communication purposes. Please check carefully the address you have indicated within your application and remember to modify it if needed.

Students can get their degree certificates on

Useful contacts:

Registrar Office 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 09,00-11,15; Tuesday and Thursday 14,30-15,30 
Tel.: +39 051 20 99 244 

Helpdesk Cesia 
From Monday to Friday 09,00-13,00 and 14,00-17,00 
Tel.: +39 051 20 99 882