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Internship Acknowledgement

Students may ask for the acknowledgement of an internship that has been carried out and completed without a preliminary agreement between UNIBO and the company.

Please note: only students whose internship is already a part of their study plan can apply for the acknowledgement of the internship.

You can ask for the acknowledgement and the related ECTS after the internship has already been completed or during the internship itself, whether in Italy or abroad, at a private entity or a public company, irrespective of the existence of the internship agreement between the entities at which the internships take place and the University of Bologna.

In order to apply for the internship acknowledgement and the related ECTS it is necessary to provide the following documents to the Internship Office at the School of Economics, Management and Statistics:

  • A copy of the employment contract
  • Entity’s/Company’s letter with letterhead, stamped and signed by the person in charge, with a short description of the activities which have been undertaken
  • A brief report where you sum up your activities (please add anything that may be useful for your evaluation);
  • The enclosed form, filled out and completed

The Internship Office verifies the admissibility and the regularity of the documents and submits the documentation to the Study Programme Board.

As soon as the Board’s statement is received, the Internship Office communicates the results of the request for acknowledgement and registers the internship and the related ECTS in the student’s career.