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Curricular Internship

Internships in creative industries and cultural organizations

The final semester of the GIOCA Master Program consists of a curricular internship​ activity based on a deep-contact experience within an artistic or cultural organization in public or private administration. It provides an opportunity for all students to enhance their academic knowledge with field experience, related to their career interest, in a variety of settings, coherently with the objectives of the GIOCA Master Program. The project work, elaborated under a supervisor’s guidance, will be the topic of the final thesis. 

On ​the study plan, ​students will need to choose:

Where can I do my internship?

- Outside Unibo: artistic and cultural organizations, private companies, public institutions, professional firms etc, either in Italy or abroad. 
- Within Unibo: laboratories, research centres, admin offices etc.
The internship cannot be carried out in a company where the director, executive, manager, busines spartner/associate, or legal representative has family ties to the applicant student .

In order to have an internship, both within and outside Unibo, students must take the online course on Health and safety in study and reserach areas

When can I do my internship?

GIOCA students can do their curricular internship starting from March of the second year, after the end of the classes.

How long for?
Students are required to dedicate 3-6 months (350 working hours) to the internship and upon its completion they are assigned ​14 credits (ECTS) on the study plan (1 ECTS=25 hours).
It can be either part time or full time according to the hosting organization.

Interns cannot work for more than 40 hours per week and the internship should be concluded within 6 months from its starting date. If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt or extend your internship, or if you have concluded/accomplished your tasks and hours earlier than planned, you must inform the Internship Office.
In particular, any extension needs to be formally authorized by the Internship Office and anyway cannot exceed by 20% the internship length, as initially agreed.

How to find an internship

  • Select a company/institution: you can either pick existing internship offers from the University database and apply to them, or take action to create your own internship, by contacting possible companies/institutions of your interest. You can apply to existing internships on the database by submitting your CV and - optionally - a cover letter (CV+letter, one file only). If your application is of interest, you will be contacted for an interview.
    Check your Unibo email, new opportunities will be posted continuously by GIOCA staff.
  • Setting up a new internship agreement:
    If you found the internship on your own and you contacted a company or institution that is not on our University database, an agreement should be made between University and the company/institution, prior to starting your placement. Just email and provide: - your name, student number and degree course; - name of your host company and email of your contact person on the internship site.
    The Office will get in touch with the company/institution, explain them how to register on the Unibo database and set up an agreement.

 Find here a list of ​cultural organizations where former ​GIOCA students have been working​.

What shall I do before starting the internship?

Once you are accepted, the company approves your online application and prepares the work plan for the internship.
Then, Prof. ​Maria Giulia Roversi Monaco, who is the internship academic tutor for GIOCA, has to approve it through the online system.
Once approved, you receive an email with the instructions about the procedure, which includes:
- printing the work plan;
- signing it;
- obtaining the signature of the supervisor from the hosting company;
- uploading it on online together with a copy of the ID of the supervisor from the hosting company.
You have time until the first day of your internship to complete the above procedure. This  will allow you to print the “attendance sheet” from the online system.
Getting the attendance sheet is essential to get the internship started. 

If, for specific reasons to be discussed with the program coordinator, it is not possible to complete an Agreement between UNIBO and the hosting organization, students may ask for the acknowledgement of an internship/job that has been carried out autonomously. See this page for more details.

What shall I do ​during the internship?​

You need to fill in your attendance sheet and activity log.
Should you be requested to perform activities not included in your work plan, please inform the Internship Office.
The attendance sheet has to be signed by the Head of the hosting company or a delegate for confirmation. 
Communicate the status of your project work/internship to the supervisor of the final thesis and start collecting materials and data.

Finishing earlier/later: if, for any reason, you wish to interrupt or extend your internship, or if you have concluded/accomplished your tasks and hours earlier than planned, you must inform the Internship Office. In particular, any extension needs to be formally authorized by the Internship Office and anyway cannot exceed by 20% the internship length, as initially agreed.

What shall I do ​at the end the internship?​

At the end of the internship, you have to upload on the online system the attendance sheet, which has to be filled in and signed. Then, you will be directed to the online final evaluation form. The hosting company has to fill in the online evaluation form as well.

Once the attendance sheet and the online final evaluation form is completed, the Internship office will validate the activity and the professor in charge, Prof.ssa Roversi Monaco, will register your ​internship on your online career.  It is not necessary to book a "registration session" on AlmaEsamy anymore. 

NB: If you received the paper documents (attendance sheet and final evaluation form), please fill it in and hand it back or send it via email to the Internship office for the final registration.


GIOCA will provide some scholarships to cover the expenses for those students doing an internship abroad, according to the projects presented by students and their relevance for the preparation of the final dissertation. 
Students can also profit from scholarships provided by the School of Economics or other opportunities, as yearly notified (see the call for the Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship).

School's Internship office (Ufficio Tirocini)

For information concerning the procedure to start the internship, please  to the Internship Office of the School. 
Staff: Simona Mattioli, Danila Berloffa
Tel: (+39) 051.20.98138 from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 11.00 AM.
Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.00-11.00 AM
Tuesday: 2.00-3.30 PM
Wednesday and Thursday: only by appointment, 2.30-3.30 PM
Office is located on ground floor - Piazza Scaravilli 2, 40126 Bologna

Students can also rely on the UNIBO Job Placement office.

Graduating students are suggested to check the graduation procedure deadlines and to read the Final Thesis and Graduation Guidelines carefully. ​