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The opportunities offered by a multiple degree programme

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About the program

The University of Bologna and Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College of Pittsburgh have created the first Double Degree in Arts Management, an integrated course of studies which will grant two degrees: a Degree in GIOCA – Graduate Degree in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts - granted by the University of Bologna, and a Degree in Master of Arts Management, granted by Carnegie Mellon.


To be eligible for admission to the double-degree, students must:
- have at least a Bachelor Degree (or first cycle degree, laurea triennale)
demonstrate English language proficiency (by TOEFL or IELTS for non-native English speakers)
- be interested in learning and working in an international environment and acquiring a global vision in the area of cultural management
- meet the other admission criteria agreed by the parties.

Admission process

Students interested in the double degree program apply for admission by submitting their application to Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College (selecting the MAM program and the MAM-GIOCA dual degree track). Prospective students are not required to submit a separate application to the University of Bologna.
The number of students participating to the double-degree will not be more than 6 per academic year.  

Details regarding the application process can be found at this page

Students must successfully complete their first year of study at the University of Bologna’s GIOCA program to be eligible to continue in the dual degree program in Pittsburgh for years two and three of the program. 

Double Degree Logistics 

The MAM-GIOCA double-degree program is structured in approximately 28-30 months (equaling six academic terms in the USA system and two academic years in the Italian system) of courses and research.

1st Year (September-June): During the first year, students study at at the University of Bologna's Italy  taking a combination of required and elective courses. 

2nd Year (August-May): The second year invloves full-time study at the Heinz College's Pittsburgh campus taking a combination of required and elective courses.

After May, students can complete their required internship either in US or elsewhere globally. At the completion of their summer internship, students return to the Pittsburgh campus in August for one more semester of coursework and graduate in December. Please see this page for more details.

During the first academic year, while studying at University of Bologna, students will pay GIOCA's tuition fees.

In the second academic year, while studying in Carnegie Mellon University, students will pay tuitiion fees at CMU. 
Each University can grant fellowship of financial aid, as determined by the Universities.

For further information, please contact the MAM staff.

"As a MAM/GIOCA student, I learned not only the practical, but also the theoretical aspects of management. The difference between theory and practice is the same as between saying and doing, or more generally between why and how. Ultimately, a tool is only as good as the idea you have, and having the wonderful opportunity to study in both contexts gave me tools and ideas. I know that my experience as a MAM/GIOCA forms the bedrock of my future practice."
Patrick Waldo, MAM/GIOCA '12
Management Consultant, Southwest Alternate Media Project