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Erasmus+ Mobility for Study

The Erasmus+ programme enables you to carry out part of your University curriculum, between three and twelve months, in a participating host country. With "Erasmus student status" you can attend degree programmes, sit exams and obtain recognition.

During the period spent with the partner University you will carry out the activities, agreed with the teacher who proposed the exchange, that were approved by the Degree Programme Board before your departure. You will also benefit from a grant and obtain recognition for the learning activities completed and exams sat.

The complete information about Erasmus+ Mobility for Study is available at this link.

The call for applications, containing the procedures and deadlines, as well as all admission requirements, can be found on the University Portal

When the calls for applications for Erasmus+ Study Mobility are open, visit your AlmaRM profile to see the exchange offers available to you, based on your Degree Programme. 

Mobility abroad is encouraged in the second year of LMEC, after having passed the first-year core modules.