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Graduation: procedure and deadlines

The final examination consists of writing a dissertation on a subject related to your studies, developed in an original way, and to its public presentation and defense to a Graduation Board. The Board, having taken into consideration the presentation and your curriculum will decide the final grade, which will be announced at the end of your presentation. In order to be admitted to the graduation session, you must have earned the credits from all of the modules and learning activities except the “final exam”. You can choose different graduation sessions, according to when you manage to finish your exams: July, October, December, or March. The earlier you graduate, the more bonus points you may be awarded (please refer to the specific information about the graduation grade).

Graduands of A.Y. 2021-22

Graduation Session

Application for Graduation within

All credits earned within

Dissertation Uploaded within

Dissertation Approved by Supervisor within

Publication of the Degree Board on SOL


Late with fee

Extraordinary Session) May 22-30, 2023






Graduands of A.Y. 2022-23

Graduation Session

Application for Graduation within

All credits earned within

Dissertation Uploaded within

Dissertation Approved by Supervisor within

Publication of the Degree Board on SOL


Late with fee

I) July 24-25-26-27-28, 2023







II) October 25-26-27-30-31, 2023







III) December 13-14-15, 2023







IV) March 21-22-25-26-27, 2024







LMEC Graduation days:

Monday 24th July 2023, 2pm

Friday 27th October 2023, 2pm

Friday 15th December 2023, 2pm

Wednesday 27th March 2024, 2pm

Applying for graduation

  • The application will open 20 days before each deadline from Studenti Online (“Graduation” button).
  • You can apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee (€32) only once per academic year.
  • You are strongly recommended to apply for graduation only if you are sure to complete all of your exams by the deadline for fulfilling the requirements.
  • If you applied by the deadline  but, for any reason, you cannot graduate in the session you applied for (e.g. if you realize you will not have all of your exams registered by the deadline), you must promptly notify the Registrar Office by email (, with the Programme Coordinator cc’ed, (, from your email address. The Registrar Office will cancel your reservation and allow you to book one of the following sessions in the same academic year. If you graduate in a later session within the same academic year, you will have to re-submit your graduation application and pay only the duty stamp.
  • If you apply for graduating in a given academic year, but you realize you cannot graduate within any of the sessions available in that academic year, you will have to re-apply for graduating in the next academic year and pay the €16 electronic duty stamp fee (after having paid the overdue tuition fees)
  • When applying, you need to specify the title of your dissertation – as previously agreed with your supervisor. Please consider  it is the title you will provide in the application stage that will be reported in the official degree certificates.

All credits earned within:

Before the indicated deadline, you must:

  • Have paid all due tuition fees; the Registrar Office will make the necessary checks and will get in touch with you in case of problems/pending positions. Students who have not completed the payment of all the tuition fees will not be accepted to the final exam.
  • Have taken and passed all the exams you need to graduate, including credits from internships and study abroad periods. If you take the last exam the day of the deadline or a few days before, please inform the relevant teacher(s) that you need the exam registered as soon as possible (and anyway within 5 days from the exam date).
  • Complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online; you will find the link to it at some point in the application; successful completion of the questionnaire will be acknowledged by the system about 2 hours later.
  • The Student Administration Office will verify all requirements and will contact you if there are any issues, to allow you to regularise your position before the final examination.

Uploading your dissertation

You have to upload your dissertation in .pdf format (max 30 MB) in the appropriate section of your online application. It is not possible to upload any file after the deadline: if you do not manage to upload tour work within the required terms, you will not be allowed to graduate in the chosen session. Again, please check that your actual dissertation title and that you indicated in the application title do correspond. 

Dissertation approval

Your supervisor will formally approve your work within 3 days since the upload deadline. Please check the state of approval of your dissertation and contact your supervisor if needed.
NB We strongly recommend you apply for graduation and insert online your dissertation title when such title is actually final and not provisional, or anyway, to edit it before the supervisor's approval.

Graduation Day

The defence of your thesis includes your presentation and the questions you will be asked on it by the admission board. Typically, the session covers more than one day. Students are generally informed about the exact date of their defence and the composition of the Final Examination Board one week in advance through their e-mail address. Such information will also be available on your in the section called “Graduation”.