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RAMES: an innovative EU funded programme

Learn more about the new curriculum in Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability

Published on 03 June 2019

RAMES: an innovative EU-funded programme

Starting in October 2019, the University of Bologna will deliver a new, EU-funded MSc course named Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability (RAMES), which will bring together cutting-edge expertise on raw materials and circular economy principles. The objective of RAMES is to educate a new generation of entrepreneurially oriented geologists and engineers who have in depth expertise on the physical-chemical properties of raw materials, their geological exploration, and are particularly sensitive to best practices in sustainable exploitation.

RAMES will leverage competences and know-how from three departments of the University of Bologna, two departments of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), the Geological Survey of Finland, and a number of Italian and foreign institutions and companies that are active in distinct aspects of the raw material value chain.

RAMES has been approved and funded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body having the goal of strengthening cooperation between businesses, education institutions, and research organizations. The EIT supports the creation of long-term partnerships involving universities, research organizations, and leader companies across Europe. These partnerships are called Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) and have the ambition to generate innovative products and services, train a new generation of entrepreneurs, and foster the start of new companies. One of such KICs is the KIC Raw Materials, which was setup in 2014 with the aim of promoting sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution of raw materials. Within this KIC, RAMES has been funded and operates.

Contents and Prospects

This two year, 120 ECTS MSc Degree is designed as a blend between a Resources Geology curriculum and a set of crucial subjects for mastering the exploration and deployment of raw materials as a sustainable process, which include material sciences, industrial ecology, and business economics. Thus, the programme focuses on the full-fledged ramifications of the raw material value chain from a geological perspective, in order to foster a new class of sustainability and business concerned specialists. The programme combines lectures with laboratory activities, workshops, site visits, and constant inputs from the world of practice through interaction with companies, institutions and professionals. Our overall objective is to create a rich learning experience that seamlessly integrates hard and soft skills, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge by offering students hands-on opportunities to engage with practitioners and work entrepreneurially on real raw material challenges.

These competences are coherent with the recent EU initiatives on the circular economy (e.g., Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Commission), and offer significant professional opportunities on the EU job market. This Master's degree offers also job opportunities in the raw material industry and in research organizations active at the global level.

The list of courses is found here.

International Mobility

The students enrolled in RAMES will have the opportunity to apply for a semester of Erasmus+ mobility in Norway (Trondheim) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and to a two-week field course in Finland provided by the Geological Survey of Finland and focusing on the exploration methods of mineral deposits.

The RAMES programme with international mobility will be as follows:

Applications are open!

RAMES is open to EU and non-EU students holding a bachelor's degree in:

  • Geology or Earth Sciences;
  • Mining Engineering;
  • Other bachelors from equivalent disciplines (e.g., Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management)

You can apply online only by following the instructions provided here. Applications are open until November 15, 2019.

IMPORTANT! Please note that if you are NOT an EU student, you need to apply by registering online and, once admitted to the programme, apply for pre-enrollment at the Italian Embassy or Consulate. Pre-enrollment is possible starting from 7th March 2019 to 24th July 2019.

Classes will start in September 2019.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are calculated based on the Italian 2019 ISEE value with special subsidies in relation to the right to higher education. If you do not present your ISEE you will have to pay the full tuition fees, which are 4.080,00€.

Click here to learn more about amounts, exemptions and deadlines for students enrolling in a Degree Programme in A.Y. 2019/20.


For more information or any clarification, please contact the Programme Coordinator:
Matteo Garnero
T: +39 051 20 94214