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Avviso di seminario

Pubblicato il 24 febbraio 2011

Domani alle ore 14.30, il prof. Patrick Marcel terrà in aula D un seminario dal titolo: “Tansforming and leveraging OLAP queries”.

Summary: This talk gives an overview of the researches led on OLAP querying at the Blois Campus of the Université François Rabelais Tours.  It focuses on the manipulations of OLAP queries, especially MDX queries, to relieve the user analyst from the tedious task of browsing large data cube. These works can be seen as a contribution to the field opened by a recent paper at CIDR 2009, that advocates for the need of query management systems. They will be presented under 3 directions:
- personalizing OLAP queries (PhD thesis of Hassina Mouloudi)
- recommending OLAP queries (PhD thesis of Elsa Negre)
- summarizing OLAP queries (ongoing PhD work of Julien Aligon)

Patrick Marcel

Patrick Marcel received his PhD from INSA Lyon in 1998. He is currently associate professor at the Computer Science Dept. of Université François Rabelais Tours (UFRT), France, where he heads the Master's Program in Business intelligence. He is also and a member of the Computer Science Laboratory of UFRT. His research interests include OLAP, data mining, query personalization and recommendation in databases. He is the author of publications in international conferences and journals on these subjects.