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HUMAN HEALTH BIOTECHNOLOGY - international curriculum

Information for incoming students

The international curriculum in Human Health Biotechnology of the Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health (MBEH) is a second cycle degree programme that aims at providing graduates with professional skills in the field of Medical Biotechnologies, with a specific focus on human health.

The international curriculum is offered as part of a double degree programme agreement in cooperation with the University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain).

Admission requirements
Programme information
Information for incoming students
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Admission requirements

The international curriculum in Human Health Biotechnology is available to students enrolled on the Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health (MBEH) at the University of Oviedo who are selected for the double degree programme.

Please refer to the website of degree programme for an overview of the programme and for information about the admission requirements.

Programme information

Click here for a general overview of the programme, its key learning outcomes, and prospective career opportunities.

Information for incoming students

Application and check-in/checkout procedures

General information for incoming students:

Contact details

Prof. Giovanna Cenacchi
Medical Biotechnologies Programme Coordinator - University of Bologna

Ms. Sara Scurani
Contact person
Via Massarenti, 9 - polo Murri, 1st floor
Tel. +39(0)512095543, Fax +39(0)512086020

Student associations - School of Medicine
Gruppo Prometeo: website - e-mail
Student Office: website - contact information

SISM: website - contact information


For additional information on the application and selection process, prospective students can contact Prof. María Teresa Fernández Sánchez at the University of Oviedo (e-mail: or further contact details).

Students enrolled on the Medical Biotechnologies Degree Programme at the University of Bologna who are interested in applying to the MANAGEMENT IN MEDICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY international curriculum may refer to this page for further information.