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Use of the University trademark in Final examination

What I need to know

The new Rules for the Use of the University Trademark allow you to place the trademark on the cover and title page of your final examination. Any other use not covered by the above is prohibited.

How I can use the University trademark

If you wish to use the University trademark, you will have to follow the graphic design rules envisaged by the Identity System, using the cover and title page templates attached.

These models indicate

  • the exact position, size and colour of the Trademark on the title page
  • the position and size on the cover.

If the cover is dark, you can exceptionally use the trademark in gold or silver.

How to enter other information on the title page and cover

Other information such as the structure issuing the degree-programme (Department or School), the name of the course of study, title of the Dissertation, name of the Supervisor, of the Co-supervisor;  name of the candidate, the degree session and academic year, can be customized and they must follow the formal instructions provided by the courses, where present.