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Study grant for dissertations abroad

Study grant to go abroad and work on your dissertation.

Admission Requirements – who may apply

To participate in the call you must be a student/graduating student of the University of Bologna or a graduate no more than six months ago.

As part of the project you will have to carry out research on issues of international character, in which the search for research material abroad is important, and produce a detailed project accompanied by documentation, which is then validated by the thesis supervisor and your supervisor abroad. Adequate knowledge of English or the language of the host country is essential for participation in the call.

Duration of stay and grant amount

The duration of the stay abroad cannot be less than 3 months nor more than 12 months (maximum of 6 months is covered by the scholarship). The amount of the scholarship is a partial financial aid for living expenses and may vary depending on the destination and the duration of stay abroad.

Final report

At the end of the stay you will have to provide the documentation certifying the actual activities carried during your permanence abroad according to the methods established by the Call. These scholarships are not compatible with other EU grants for the same mobility period. 

Deadlines and Call for Applications

The deadlines to submit your application is indicated in the Call.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Call for Applications.