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Lecture attendance

The Degree Programme will offer the lessons for the first semester of the 2020/2021 a.y. both in remote and classroom-based mode.

Criteria for verification and certification of attendance to educational activities

Attendance to teaching activities (frontal teaching, practical lessons, professional traineeship) is mandatory.

The modalities of verification of attendance are established annually during the presentation of the teaching schedule and made known to the students before the beginning of lessons.

In the absence of changes, the frequency modalities applied in the previous A.Y are considered automatically renewed.

In consideration of the peculiarities of the Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine, the threshold of acceptability of frequency is diversified according to the different teaching methods provided (lectures, practical lessons, traineeship activities).

The attendance certificate is issued when the student attended at least 50% of frontal teaching hours and 75% of practical activities (training and professional training activities).

Exchange students (e.g. Erasmus) have automatically recognized the attendance for the semester or year of mobility (RS Ateneo), with the exception of the practical-professional activities of the curricular traineeships.

How frequency is checked

  • The assessment of students' attendance for frontal teaching will take place through a self-certification document opportunely completed and signed, which must be delivered to the teacher within three days from the end of the course (see attached model).
  • The teacher can check the actual presence in class.
  • The assessment of students' attendance for practical activities will be carried out through the collection of signatures of those present.
  • Teachers are required to communicate in writing to the Student Secretariat office, within seven days after the end of the training activities, the names of students who have not obtained the attendance certificate. In the absence of such communication, the certificate of attendance is officially certified to all students regularly matriculated (RS, Article 11 of DR 537/2013).