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Health and Safety Training Courses for students 

How to enroll and attend the compulsory Health and Safety Training Courses

Starting from April 2017, a new edition of the Health and Safety Training Courses will begin. They are aimed at students enrolled in the degree programmes of the School of Engineering and Architecture, who have not attended the courses yet.

Period of the courses: 21 April 2017  - 12 September 2017

Since the University of Bologna is offering online modules for the general training (module 1) and basic specific training (module 2), which are open to all students, the School is offering the advanced specific training modules. In addition, and only for the venues of Bologna and Ravenna, the School has organized sessions in English for the modules 1 and 2, whose access is only open to foreign students.  

This is an important educational initiative aimed at students who carry out or plan to carry out internships, thesis or teaching activities in the laboratories and thus are considered as employees according to the Italian law. Therefore, participation is compulsory in order to access laboratories or carry out internships at university, other institutions or private companies.

General training and basic specific training

The modules for general training (module 1) and basic specific training (module 2) are offered by the University of Bologna in e-learning mode. Regularly enrolled students can access the online courses by entering the Unibo e-learning platform with their institutional credentials and selecting the title of the course. The final test is to be accomplished on the online platform at the end of the course. Once the test has been passed, the certificate can be downloaded from Studenti online, in the area “Certificates and self-certifications”. Detailed info about the e-learning modules are available on this page.

Advanced specific training

There are different registration options in relation to the different venues: students enrolled to HBR has to take the Module 3 B2 - Civil Sector.

How to enroll and get the certificate

It will be possible to enroll in the training modules from 10 April 2017, by accessing Studenti Online. Students are free to sign up for any of the available dates, according to the availability of places left for the chosen course (max. 100 participants).

After the course and having passed the final test, students can download the certificate from Studenti Online, in the area “Certificates and self-certifications”.

It is important to know that such certification will be obtained on a frequency of at least 90% of the hours required for each module (i.e. a maximum of 24 minutes of absence for justified reasons). The certificate is also valid outside the University of Bologna and, as far as the general module is concerned, it does not expire; certifications for the other modules (specific training) expire after five years.

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