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Application, Admission, Enrollment (non-European Union Applicants)  

This page describes the application and admission processes for non-European Union citizens.
In order to enroll in the Master's Program (Academic Year 2014-15), please follow the three steps below:

1. CONFIRMATION OF ELIGIBILITY - In this step, the HBR Master Degree Board confirms the applicant's eligibility to enroll in the Master's Program.

2. PRE-ENROLMENT APPLICATION AT THE ITALIAN EMBASSY - A fixed number of non-EU students can attend the program. Therefore pre-enrollment at the embassy is necessary. A pre-admission letter may be required from the Embassy (students are invited to check at the Embassy what documents are requested). Attention should be paid to the application deadline, which is strictly fixed, usually in June. Students are requested to check the deadline at the Italian Embassy in their country of origin. Please see below for instructions  on what to do if you have missed the deadline.

3. ENROLLMENT AT UNIBO - The final step is to enroll in the Master's Program at UniBo. Typically enrollment is done in the period of August-October. Late enrollment is possible until the end of December by paying an additional fee. For additional information on enrollment at the University of Bologna please see the University of Bologna registration page.

1. Confirmation of Eligibility for non-EU students

Non-EU students are required to submit a preliminary application to ask the HBR Master Degree Board to check if their eligibility requirements are satisfied. A Bachelor's degree is needed (3 or 4 years) before the end of the enrollment period at UniBo (end of December). If students are still concluding their Bachelor program at the application time, they will receive a "sub-condicio" statement of admission. The fulfillment of the curriculum requirements and the adequacy of the academic preparation are evaluated case-by-case by the HBR Master Board.

Please note: a complete application of this step consists of:

  • Your curriculum vitae (please include in your CV a current residential address for communications)
  • Your academic curriculum/transcript from the University where you earned the Bachelor degree (including  list of courses, grades and number of credits/units/lecture hours per each course)
  • Documents/certificates stating the knowledge of technical English, if any
  • A personal statement
  • Two recommendation letters

The above documents can be written in English, French, Spanish or Italian.

Note: Intermediate level of English language is required to enroll in the HBR curriculum. Applicants should have a B2 certificate or equivalent (e.g. TOEFL IbT with a minimum score of 64; IELTS with a minimum score of 4; other equivalent certificates). Students cannot access the second year without a certificate (given either by the University Linguistic Centre or by an equivalent certifying body) stating their B2 level in English.

You can submit your application following the instructions in the form.

You must create a ZIP file containing all the documents above. This file must be named according to the following template: and submitted together with the Preliminary Application Form by email to:

You will receive by e-mail a confirmation of your eligibility within 2 weeks. If your application is positively evaluated, you can start the enrollment procedure (see below).

2. Pre-enrollment application at the Italian Embassy

There is a fixed number of non-EU students that each degree program can enroll . To apply to a specific degree program, applicants are required to pre-enroll at the Italian embassy in their country of residence. During the summer months the list of students who are pre-enrolled at the Embassy are sent to the universities for step 3 (final enrolment).

The application terms are annually fixed by the Italian Ministry. Typically the period is quite short, and it ends at the beginning of June. Students whose application has been positively evaluated will be informed when the pre-enrolment dates will be available. The Embassy may require some additional documents to accept the pre-enrolment application, for instance concerning the English language proficiency. Typically the documents must be translated in Italian, but some Embassies accept them also in English. Some students each year miss the enrolment because they do not pre-enroll in time. Therefore, students are suggested to contact the Italian Embassy in their country of residence as soon as possible, to be informed about the deadlines and  the documents required. Students should specify that they are applying to a Master's program given in English.

NOTE: Since the course is entirely given in English, students are not required to obtain an Italian language proficiency certificate. Some Embassies require documents attesting to the level of English proficiency however. Students are required to check at the Embassy what is actually requested.

3. Enrolment at UniBo

Final enrolment in the Master's program is possible until the end of November 2014 without penalty, or until the end of December 2014 with an additional fee. For further information on enrollment at the University of Bologna please see the University of Bologna registration page.

What to do if the pre-enrollment application deadline at the Embassy is missed

If the  pre-enrollment application deadline is missed, students may evaluate the opportunity to enroll in single courses at the University of Bologna. This is a temporary enrollment that might be useful to do while waiting for the next running of the Master’s Degree program. Students should note that by enrolling in these single courses, they are not enrolled in the actual Master's program. They are enrolled in Master's-level single course units only, for a duration of one year, while waiting for the Master's degree program to start again.

Enrollment in single course units follows the same steps as above (application and pre-enrollment at the Embassy), but with more flexible deadlines: typically, Embassies fix a deadline at the end of August for the courses taken in the first term, and a deadline at the end of December for the courses of the second term.

What to do if your eligibility requirements are not met

If your eligibility requirements are not satisfied, the HBR Master Degree Board may suggest taking single courses in order to integrate the student's personal CV. These courses can be taken in the home country or at the University of Bologna by enrolling in single courses (see above). When enrolling in single courses in Bologna, students may also want to enroll in some of the courses of the Master's program. This is acceptable and these courses will be considered complete when the student enrolls in the Master's program the following year. With this solution, the first year of study in Bologna would be dedicated to integrate the CV and anticipate some subjects of the Master's program, while waiting  to officially enroll as a Master's-level student the following year.

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