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The HBR Master Degree 

Short overview

The innovation in both  technical and  organizational structure  is increasing the complexity of the building process. The emergence of more stringent requirements and the intense penetration of new materials and technologies take special relevance in consolidation, recovery and rehabilitation of historic buildings, which is a market segment in steady expansion.

The HBR (Historic Buildings Rehabilitation) international curriculum of the Masters in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems was built to meet these needs of new professionals, able to integrate the functions traditionally found within the process, by focusing  on the critical analysis of the historical heritage, the diagnosis of conservation conditions, the definition of procedures and techniques for consolidation and rehabilitation of the artefacts, by applying effective methods and solutions, compatible with the protection of the heritage characters.

The master’s program

An international Master’s Degree Program in “Engineering of Building Processes and Systems -HBR” (“Laurea Magistrale” according to the Italian regulation), is offered by Alma Mater Studiorum–University of Bologna. According to the Bologna process, the Laurea Magistrale is equivalent to a Master of Science (MSc).
The program is open to students of any Nationality.
The venue of the program is the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus

The organization

All courses and activities are in English. The program duration is two years (4 semesters). The program has core modules and elective courses. A commission will help the students to select the courses to build their own curriculum. In order to obtain the Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale), the students must successfully complete the courses and defend the final dissertation, for a minimum of 120 Credits (ECTS). The courses will be organized with in-class teaching activities, practice, design and laboratory activities.  The final exam consists of the public defense of a dissertation (the Master’s thesis).

Learning outcomes

The central theme of HBR is the effective and appropriate management of the historic building conservation and rehabilitation process. Students taking HBR Programme will attain a broad background in   this field, covering the diagnosis of historical building conditions and critical issues that affect its preservation; the identification of the cultural value and the constraints which the artefact are subjected and the programming design and supervision of the consolidation and refurbishment works suitable to ensure its preservation and use, by applying appropriate procedures and methods.

Requirements and/or admission tests

A Bachelor’s degree is required. A Commission will evaluate the applicants’ curricula. The general administrative rules of the programme, including the entrance requirements, are listed in the Statute of the general, second-cycle programme in Engineering of Building Processes and Systems available at the Course website

Career opportunities

HBR graduates will be prepared to move to higher levels of their careers, across a variety of industries and sectors. They will gain access to a wider range of positions both in construction companies and in local and national government agencies. They may also join PhD programmes.

Opportunities for studying abroad

All  students will have the option of spending a period of study abroad. Tailored opportunities for studying and/or preparing experimental thesis work in a foreign University, along with opportunities for internships in international research centers, construction industries, consulting or design offices will be guaranteed to the students  via the Erasmus, Erasmus placement and Overseas programs. More info

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