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Programme aims

Graduates from the Degree Programme in Languages, Markets and Cultures of Asia will have a good linguistic grounding and knowledge of the main socio-economic and cultural phenomena concerning their countries of choice. The geographical areas in question differ according to the Asian or Mediterranean African language chosen: for the first area the reference languages are Chinese and Japanese; for the second they are Arabic and Persian. Language-wise, the learning curriculum includes studying a European language chosen from those on the Degree Programmes teaching catalogue. Among the skills… Read more

Admission requirements

Access requirements for the Programme To be accepted on this degree programme one needs to have a 5-year high school leaver's certificate or foreign qualification recognised as compatible, or a 4-year high school leaver's diploma plus catch-up year or, where that is no longer being run, proof of having made up an additional learning requirement. The degree programme restricts the number of students according to the resources available. The number of students who may enrol and the process of selection will be published every year by a special Call for applications. Students who pass… Read more