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Biological Sciences

Programme aims

The Degree Programme in Biological Sciences aims to train graduates with solid basic knowledge in the main fields of modern Biology, who have a good command of experimental and analytical methodologies and of the most advanced technologies inherent to the relevant fields of scientific investigation, who possess a grounding that enables them to understand and assimilate the scientific and technological advances that are occurring ever more rapidly in the field of Life Sciences and know and correctly study living organisms at all levels of organisation, from molecular to microbial, animal,… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the Degree Programme is subject to thepossession of either a five-year high secondary school diploma or other suitable qualification obtained abroad. English language skills are also required to CEFR level B1. The B1 language proficiency is tested at the same time as the B2 proficiency. Good general knowledge of science, good logical-mathematical reasoning skills and good oral comprehension skills are also required. The Degree Programme has restricted access and therefore a ranking list will be drawn up of potential students based on the results of an admission test, which… Read more