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Programme aims

The degree programme in Biological Sciences aims to form graduates with valid basic knowledge of biology and a strong command of scientific investigation methods, as well as a solid grounding for the understanding of scientific and technological progress also to understand and correctly handle living organisms. In detail, graduates will have acquired competences in non-biological sectors including computing, mathematics and statistics, physics, chemistry and the fundamental language competences required to continue studies in the fields of botany, zoology, cytology, histology, comparative… Read more

Admission requirements

Candidates must hold at least one of the following qualifications for admission to the degree programme: - five-year secondary school diploma, or four-year diploma from a teaching or artistic high school plus the additional year certificate - first cycle degree - four-year secondary school diploma from a school which does not currently run the additional year (currently only teaching high schools). In this case, candidates will be assigned additional learning requirements to be completed during the first academic year. Candidates must also possess the following knowledge: strong general… Read more