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Programme aims

The First Cycle Degree Programme in Biotechnology comprises an interdisciplinary curriculum and enables students to deepen their education in all disciplines of the various biotechnological applications (biomedical-health, agri-food-zootechnical, chemical-industrial and environmental sectors) and in the transversal disciplines. The objectives of the study plan are: - to train graduates to continue their University studies profitably and effectively ; - to train a professional figure capable of critically performing to apply biotechnological methodologies , as… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the program me in Biotechnology requires a High School degree or another recognised forei g n qualification. Additionally, the following knowledge and skills are required : - good logical reasoning and verbal comprehension skills; - good knowledge of basic notions of mathematics and science; - CEFR B1 English Language knowledge. The methods to assess the knowledge required for the admission are set in the degree programme teaching regulations. If the assessment is not positive, additional learning requirements will be indicated . Additional Learning requirements must… Read more