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Programme aims

This degree programme in Biotechnology is offered by the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, with contributions from other 11 University Departments. The resulting inter-disciplinary course structure diagram enables students to study all disciplines of the various biotechnology applications (red, green, white biotechnologies etc.), as well as umbrella disciplines. The objectives of the learning plan are to: a) train graduates who are able to continue their University studies in a profitable and effective manner; b) train professionals able to apply, in a thinking manner, the… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission Requirements Admission to the degree programme is subject to the possession of a five-year secondary school diploma or equivalent suitable qualification obtained abroad, or a four-year secondary school diploma and diploma for the relative supplementary year, or, where no longer active, admitted students will be assigned additional learning requirements. Applicants must also possess the following knowledge: logical reasoning and oral comprehension skills; solid knowledge of the fundamental notions of mathematics and sciences. Applicants shall demonstrate knowledge of the… Read more