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Business Administration

  • Programme type Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Bologna
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access ​Restricted access - TOLC
  • Degree Programme Class L-18 - Business administration
  • Degree Programme Director Enrico Supino
  • Department Management - DiSA
  • Learning activities Course structure diagram

Programme aims

The degree programme in Business Administration aims to provide students with a range of skills suited to exercising a number of different professions based on economic and financial skills as well as the in-depth knowledge of corporate information systems. Although referring to different roles and careers in both employed and freelance situations, as well as in consulting, all the figures the programme prepares for share a very similar cultural base: - figure 1: Administration, Finance and Control Officer/Middle Manager/Manager (the degree programme provides the competences required to… Read more

Admission requirements

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