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Chemistry and Materials Chemistry

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Programme aims

The chief objective of the Degree Programme is to produce graduates who possess the basic expertise in chemistry to hold down a job requiring familiarity with the scientific method, ability to apply innovative methods and techniques and use complex apparatus. The grounding acquired will enable the graduate to keep abreast of developments in the subject, interact with professional trained in similar subjects, and go on to achieve a Master's degree. The teaching programme is modelled on the "Chemistry Eurobachelor" as well as on the Italian Chemistry Society "Core Chemistry" benchmark programme… Read more

Admission requirements

To be accepted on this degree programme you need to have a five-year secondary school diploma or equivalent qualification obtained abroad, or a four-year secondary school diploma and diploma for the relative supplementary year, or, where no longer active (e.g. teaching high school), will be assigned additional learning credits. You also need the following learning background: good general knowledge; ability to reason logically and understand written texts; good knowledge of basic mathematics. Excellent knowledge of Italian. This is a restricted-access degree programme for which a ranking… Read more