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Educator in Childhood Social Services

Programme aims

The Educator in Childhood Social Servicesfirst cycle degree programme aims to provide the professional competenciesrequired by anyone wishing to become an educator for nurseries or a childcare workerin various community pre-school services and family support services such asplay groups and parent-children centres. In order to acquire these professionalcompetencies, the degree programme offers basic theoretical skills(pedagogical, psychological and social, anthropological) to provide knowledgeof childhood conditions in modern society and of the main existing models ofpedagogical and didactic… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the First CycleDegree/Bachelor Programme requires possession of a secondary school diplomaawarded after five years of study or a foreign qualification recognised assuitable. Additionally, knowledge and competence inthe following areas are required: - good historical and literary knowledge - good pedagogical, psychological anddidactic knowledge - good knowledge of a logical, inductive,deductive and basic scientific nature - good knowledge of the grammatical andsyntactic structures of spoken and written Italian; - ability to express one's own views on aknown topic; … Read more