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Computer systems technologies

Programme aims

The Degree Programme provides for the theoretical and practical skills relating to the main fields of computing, as well as the skills needed in the job market. It provides for a full overview of the founding principles of computing, by offering examples and experimenting methodological approaches. Moreover, students will learn about the environments and tools supporting the design and implementation of software, operating systems, IT systems, web infrastructures, IT systems based on embedded, IoT and wearable systems, computer networks and cloud architectures. Moreover, the programme… Read more

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a secondary school diploma awarded after five years of study in Italy, or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable Applicants shall also demonstrate: - a good general knowledge - ability for logical reasoning and understanding texts - good knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics and experimental sciences - knowledge of the English language - CEFR level A2 Information about admission requirements testing methods can be found in the degree programme teaching regulation document. If the assessment is not positive, additional learning… Read more