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Degree Programme Director and Board

Degree Programme Director and Board: duties and responsibilities.


Flavio Delbono

The Degree Programme Director is elected by the professors and researches in the Degree Programme Board. The Director, who remains in office for three years, is responsible for the implementation of the Board’s guidelines and liaises with the relevant Departments and Schools.

Degree Programme Board

The Degree Programme Board includes the academic staff responsible for the teaching activities of the Degree Programme (professors and researchers), plus three student representatives (the latter elected according to the specific University regulations).
The Degree Programme Board elaborates recommendations for the Departments on: planning of teaching activities, system revisions and teaching regulations. It also makes suggestions, for Schools and Departments within their area of competence, related to the organisation of teaching activities and the related support services.


Among the Board's diverse tasks:

  • nominating examination boards' members
  • recognising University credits
  • approving and recognising learning activities carried out abroad within international exchange programmes (Learning Agreement);
  • scheduling graduation exams and appointing graduation boards

CLEF Academic Staff

Student representatives