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Internship abroad

Curricular internships are training periods to be carried out while you're still a student. They may take place within a company or an organization in Italy or aborad, and may gain you credits within CLEF. The goal is to combine study and work within the educational process, so as to provide a direct experience of a work environment.

  1. Here's a list of opportunities for you to consider for internships outside of Italy
  2. Unibo Internship Portal: It mainly lists offers in Italy, however, some openings abroad may be included. Check it out. (making sure you select offers open to students).
  3. Links in the attachment box: Check the files in the box on the right. They give an overview of links for internships in a range of industry sectors relevant with CLEF goals and objectives. Please note that such internships options are very competitive.
  4. Search engines - have a look at the following search engines for internships:

WEP (World Education programme): internship offers - Australia, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain, UK and US.
The Intern Group

The International Education Financial Aid
: international data base on paid internships
Internships UK

Internships in Brighton

Absolute Internship

E-Financial Careers

Graduate Land


Asia Internship Program

You can aslo use the search engines listed here. Especially designed to help students find  Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship possible host companies (see above), it can anyway come handy to all internship-hunters.

Fullbright funded programmes for Italian citizens to study in the US:

INPS Study Scholarship database:

Important! If you wish to include your internship in your study plan and get credits for it, don't forget to check this page.