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Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

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Alma Orienta Online

2 and 3 March 2021

Register to take part in the Orientation Days! You will see the presentations, hear from enrolled students, discover the facilities and services offered by the University, and maybe even attend a lecture.

On 1 March you will have pre-access to visit the stands, see the full schedule of events, and plan your visit based on your specific interests. 

We will be there. We look forward to seeing you!

Programme aims

The three-year Degree Programme inElectronics and Telecommunications Engineering provides graduates with acultural and professional profile defined by a solid grounding, as well asin-depth knowledge on various areas, in an overall framework defined by interdisciplinarity,which will allow them to keep up with the constant evolution of the world ofInformation and Communication Technology (ICT). These characteristics will give graduatesthe opportunity to access immediately the world of work with the ability toproduce and manage systems, processes and services in the specific field… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the Degree Programme inElectronics and Telecommunications Engineering requires possession of asecondary school diploma awarded after five years of study or a foreignqualification recognised as suitable. Additionally, knowledge and competence inthe following areas are required: ■ good knowledge of written and spoken Italian; ■ ability to think logically; ■ knowledge and ability to use the principal results of basicmathematics and the fundamentals of experimental sciences; ■ appropriate English language skills (minimum B1 level) based on thecommon European framework… Read more