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Chemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials

The Degree Programme, irrespective of the COVID-19 health emergency, will offer the lessons for the first semester of the 2020/21 a.y., both in remote and classroom-based mode.

Programme aims

The specific aim of this Degree Programme is to produce professional chemists with a good grounding in chemistry and with specific professional expertise within the chosen curriculum (Traditional and Innovative Materials, or Environment, Energy, Waste). - Traditional and Innovative Materials Curriculum: in recent decades new materials – molecular, metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composites - have taken their place alongside traditional materials, and together they have a prime role in many applications – constructional, thermo-mechanical, electrical, electronic and biomedical – as well as… Read more

Admission requirements

In order to be accepted to this degree programme one needs to have a 5-year high school leaving certificate or foreign qualification recognised as compatible, or a 4-year high school leaving diploma plus a catch-up year or, failing that, any other proof of having an additional learning requirement. The following learning background is also required: logical reasoning skills, ability to apply elementary mathematic methods to problems occurring in the field of experimental science. The background knowledge will be assessed via a written test on the subjects outlined above. Questions may be… Read more