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Food Technology

Programme aims

This degree programme seeks to preparegraduates for work as food product and process technicians in food-processingcompanies (production, distribution, packaging, ingredients), public or privatefood quality laboratories, or the technical and operational sectors of thepublic administration. The objectives of the degree programme areto provide the knowledge needed to assess the chemical, physical, nutritionaland sensorial quality of food products, and operate and manage productionprocesses in accordance with modern standards for quality and safety, businesseconomics and marketing; as well as… Read more

Admission requirements

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Admission to the degree programme in “FoodTechnology” requires possession of a five-year secondary school diploma orequivalent; the places available on this restricted access degree programmedepend on the resources available. The number of students eligible forenrolment and the related selection procedures will be published each year inthe call for applications. The knowledge and skills required for admission areconfirmed by obtaining the minimum score, indicated in the call forapplications, in the entrance exam set for this restricted access degreeprogramme. All… Read more