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Study grants for dissertations abroad

Study grants to go abroad and work on your dissertation.

Who can apply

University of Bologna students enrolled/about to graduate or Unibo graduates (as long as they did not graduate more than six months before the deadline of the call).

Participant shall carry on researches on International issues, for which gathering information abroad is necessary in order to produce a detailed and well-documented project (which shall be validated by the Supervisor and the reference Professor). A good knowledge of the English Language (or the country Language) is necessary to participate.

In analogy with the provisions of other forms of mobility, remember that the mobility period is to be considered continuous: during the mobility period you will have to carry out the training activities agreed upon at the host institution as a priority. The possibility of carrying out exams or other educational activities in Italy must be agreed with the foreign institution, with your exchange tutor and with the Director of your Degree Programme

Period abroad and study grant amount

The period abroad shall not be less than 3 months and more than 12 months (financial support is granted for maximum 6 months). The amount of the Study Grant is to be intended as a partial financial aid and can vary from 1.100,00 to 3.100,00 Euros (including all taxes), depending on the destination and duration of the Study Abroad Period.


Once the period abroad is over, students shall report the proper documents accordingly to the deadlines established by the Call for Applications. Study Grants for the preparation of the final examination abroad are incompatible with other study grants for the main purposes and covering the same mobility period.

Deadlines and Call of applications

You can find all necessary information in the Call for Applications. You can access Studenti Online via SPID Credentials or University Credentials.