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Trova la tua strada con Chiesi Farmaceutici! | webinar 6 giugno 2024, ore 17 | per studenti di Biotecnologie, Farmacia o CTF

Un'opportunità unica per comprendere le varie fasi e le figure professionali coinvolte nel processo produttivo di un farmaco, nonché per ricevere consigli riguardo ai futuri percorsi di carriera

Navile Day

Come meet the Departments at the Navile Campus: Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Attention! Fraudulent messages on Facebook and Instagram

We have identified fraudulent messages on Facebook and Instagram, not associated with the University of Bologna in any way, promising official online university courses on behalf of Unibo.

Open Day - Master's Degrees of the Biology Area

FABIT and BIGEA Departments - 6 June 2024

Collegio Superiore: online the call for admissions

Students who enrol in the first year of a 1st or single cycle degree programme in 2024/25 may submit their applications to the Collegio Superiore. Deadline: 14 June

Are you eager to make new friends and enhance your language abilities?

Come join us for a Language Tandem experience! You'll have the opportunity to connect with various languages and cultures of the globe. Register by 3 June.

News on TOLC Test 2024/25

Admissions are now open! Find out which TOLC Tests are suitable for enrolling at the programme. Please regularly check the updated calendar for the dates of upcoming tests.

International Talents @Unibo

Unibo awards 80 scholarships to deserving international students who wish to enrol in degree programmes in the a. y. 2024/25.


from 25 May to 26 May 2024

What is emotional intelligence?

Bologna, Complesso di Santa Cristina

Developing skills related to empathy, managing emotions, and interpersonal relationships. Two days dedicated to university students.

31 May 2024

StartUp Day 2024: Innovation and Sustainability

All day

Dumbo - Bologna

Discover new ideas on virtual and augmented reality, mobility, energy, communication, construction, marine resources, biotransformation, and new materials. Register online.