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Study Support Tutors

Core Subjects and OFA (Additional Learning Requirements) personalized support service

The tutoring activities can be held both online through Microsoft Teams and in presence in different locations of Pharmacy and Biotechnology Department. It is necessary to contact the tutor and book an appointment by email.

Study Support Tutors give personalized support in core subjects and help students with OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)

Tutors  - Bologna Campus


Magni Beatrice 

Maestrelli Michele

Valentini Maria Letizia

Liberatore Lorenzo

Serena Negroni

Antonio Del Donno


Mastruzzi Giacomo

Sicilia Rocco       

Cescon Margherita

BIOLOGY, ANATOMY - reserved to Sport Science students

Greta Rauso        

PHYSIOLOGY - reserved to Sport Science students

no tutor appointed yet

Tutors  - Imola Campus


Dall'Olio Lorenzo           


Pulvirenti Daniela          

The survey in the "Attachments box" aims to collect your opinion on the performance of the tutoring services offered in order to support students to learn basic subjects. The survey is anonymous, we kindly ask you to dedicate some of your time to fill it out. The survey will provide us with important information for the improvement of the service offered.