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What are OFA

OFA requirements

What are Additional Learning Requirements?

In order to enrol for the degree programme it is important that you have certain basic knowledge. The check of basic knowledge, detailed in “How to enrol” page, seeks to ensure that you do not have significant weaknesses in particular subjects for which appropriate preparation is required in order to tackle the first/single-cycle degree programme successfully.

Even if the check identifies weaknesses in one or more areas, you can still enrol, but you will have to do some supplementary activities known as Additional Learning Requirements.

Additional Learning Requirements and Enrolment in years other than the first
If you have been assigned Additional Learning Requirements, in the year subsequent to matriculation you will be enrolled in:

  • the second year of the degree programme if you have already satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements;

  • the second year on a conditional basis until you have satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements and, in any case, until 31 March: as soon as you have satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements, your enrolment will change from second year on a conditional basis to second year. If you do not satisfy the Additional Learning Requirements by 31 March you will be registered as a repeater of the first year.

When are the Additional Learning Requirements assigned?
English TOLC-I evaluation assess your general knowledge as well as your preparation in some specific fields.

At Genomics it is important to know some basic mathematics, therefore if you do not reach a minimum set threshold for maths in your test, you will be assigned with OFA (standing for Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo = “Additional Learning Requirement”), and be asked to do some supplementary study.

The minimum set threshold, for the math sections only, is 12/20 fo English TOLC-I.

OFA record
Having been assigned an OFA does not in itself prevent one from enrolling, going to class and sitting exams;

if you are selected, but were assigned an OFA, you can still register to the programme and take exams, but must as soon as possible fulfil the OFA requirement.

Students admitted to the Programme, though with a score below threshold, will be assigned Additional Learning Requirements (OFA). OFA consist in attending one of the following first year fundamental courses: Mathematics (I.C.), Chemistry or Programming. Additional Learning Requirements are fulfilled by passing the exam of at least one of the courses mentioned above.

To help students’ preparation and successful fulfilment of the OFA, an extra basic course in mathematics will be offered. For these students the course attendance is mandatory and it will consist of an e-learning course with the support of a tutor. At the end of the course, students will have to pass the related examination which is a pre-requisite to take the exam in any of the three first year course mentioned (Mathematics I.C., Chemistry or Programming).

Students that do not complete the requirements by the date set by the Academic Bodies and published on the University website, will be required to re-enroll as first year students.

The deadline for satisfying the Additional Learning Requirements is 31 March of each year, which coincides with the end of the exam session for the academic year of matriculation.