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Programme aims

Presentation The Degree Programme in Health Care aims totrain operators with the scientific and technical knowledge required to workresponsibly as Health Care Assistants, based on the principles and methods ofhealth prevention, promotion and education pursuant to D.M. no. 69 of17.01.1997. The Programme sets out to provide studentswith an integrated socio-sanitary culture, laying the foundations for learningthe contents and methods of prevention, education, rehabilitation and supportin the personal and collective health field. In particular graduates shall demonstratecompetences in: … Read more

Admission requirements

Requirements 1. Admission requirements and evaluation This second cycle degree programme hasrestricted access set at national level (pursuant to art. 1 of Italian Law264/99) and is governed by ministerial decree. The number of places available and the methodsof the admission process are laid down annually by MIUR. Applicants to the degree programme shallhold a five-year secondary school diploma or equivalent suitable qualificationobtained abroad, or a four-year secondary school diploma and diploma for therelative supplementary year, or, where no longer active, will be… Read more