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General University regulations for curricular internships and internships for the final examinations

The  Curriculum Internship  is  disciplined  by  the  University  Regulations  for  the Internship  and  Placements (issued by DR No. 1655/2014 of 12.11.2014). On the bases of the general regulations for internships (approved by the Joint Board of the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage and by the School Board (on 5.03.2015), the Degree Course in HISTORY defines the following regulations for curricular internships and for internship for the final examination.

The regulations described below are valid for internships held in a company or inside Unibo, both in Italian and foreign locations.

Article 1 Credits, duration and aims of the Internship

The formative activity of the internship corresponds to 6 CFU (150 hours), to be held at the structure affiliated with the University or anyway present in the application approved by the University, in the case of internal internships.

The maximum duration of training and guidance internships within the same host structure is 6 months (extensions included).

The activities to be carried out during the internship must be relevant to the learning objectives of the course of study.

Article 2. Internship Board

The Study Course Board attributes the responsibility of Internships to at least two professors, who will form the Internship Board, with a mandate to authorize, follow, validate, verbalize students’ internship and act as tutors.

The board is chaired by the course coordinator or by a delegate.

The Commission is also mandated to express an opinion regarding the suitability of structures asking to sign an agreement to host interns.

It will also verify the congruence of the activities offered by structures with the

training objectives of the study course.

The Board authorises the execution of the internship, after having verified the correct insertion of this activity in the students’ study plan and the regularity of the application made through the University application.

The Board will also evaluate the internships, on the basis of the attendance log, of the opinion of the contact person of the hosting structure and of a report written by the student. It will also have to check that students have completed the review experience questionnaire prepared by the University.

The Board members can propose new structures suitable for internships and report structures that are not valid for this purpose.

The Board must carry out a preliminary investigation activity about recognition requests of extra-University activities like internships. It will be submitted to the approval of the study course Board, which will verify their compatibility with the learning objectives of the course and the congruence with the required CFU.

The Board can manage both distance and face-to-face counselling.

The Internship Board shall draw up annually, within 31 July, a report about the progress and evaluation of the internships that took place in the previous year, that will be examined and evaluated by the Joint Board of the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

Article 3. Internship for the final examination

The Study Course, upon request of the students, can allow internships for the preparation of the final examination, which last for a maximum of 6 months. The adequacy and monitoring of this internship is entrusted to the thesis supervisor.                                              

Article 4. Interruzione, sospensione e modifica del tirocinio


It is possible to interrupt the curricular internship for any reason and at any time, by communicating the interruption, by fax or by e-mail, to the Teaching Office, and by filling the form Interruzione Tirocinio curriculare. After the interruption students will start the curricular internship in a different structure and the hours previously did will not be recognized.


It is not possible to suspend a curricular internship, unless it has been agreed with the host structure and communicated to the Teaching Office and to the Internship Board of the course.


Non-compliance or absence

In case of non-compliance or unjustified or non-authorized absence of the student, reported by the structure, the Board will not be able to validate the credit transfer and the student will have to start an internship in another structure.

Review of activities

Students can modify the task to be performed within the same structure, if there are no preconditions to continue with the prescribed activity. In this case, it is necessary to report it to the tutor and to the Teaching Office.

Article 5 Administrative Offices tasks

The Internships Board will be able to refer to the courses administrative offices all the activities regarding the organization of the internship program and the related procedures (e.g. requests for accreditation of structures, written students’ requests for extensions, unplanned transfers, change of contact person in the host structure), also in connection with the activities related to the approval and monitoring of internships (internships data base).

Article. 6 Timing of requests for internships

The course of study includes the following deadlines for the presentations of students’ requests for the internship authorization

10 October/ 10 January/ 10 April

The deadlines for the requirement of evaluation or recognition of the internship:

10 May/ 10 September/ 10 January/1 February