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Guidance services and activities to help you choose a degree programme and at each stage of your studies.

Counselling and orientation for prospective students 

The process of deciding what to study at university can be both exciting and intimidating. Often, students may not be certain how to begin exploring their options or they may feel anxious about making the “wrong” choice. Our counselling services will help you choose the right degree programme, provide support on admissions and clarify any doubts you may have. In the process, you will receive information about expected learning outcomes, teaching activities and career opportunities.

Unibo counselling service contacts (general counselling on Unibo degree programmes)

To help you decide, you can contact our tutoring service. You will get information about training objectives, didactic activities and employment opportunities, and you will be able to get answers to all your doubts.

Contacts: Degree Course Tutor

Among the university’s orientation services, you can find "Orientati con Unibo", which allows you to:

  • independently create a guidance path;
  • access online resources that will:
  • provide indications in order to understand if this is the best degree programme for you;
  • test your preparation;
  • help you prepare for the entrance exams.

Guidance services

The degree programme is part of the counselling orientation initiatives promoted by the university and organises specific events to present its curriculum and provide students with all the information they need to start their studies:

  • AlmaOrienta: at the beginning of March at the Fiera di Bologna;
  • Meetings with freshmen: when courses begin, specific meetings are organized in order to provide information about the organization of single course units;
  • Open Day: the department organises, between February and May, a series of meetings in order to give detailed information about degree programme registration and educational activities.

Guidance for current students

For guidance during your studies, you can contact your local guidance counsellor.

The university, furthermore, provides some tools to make the university experience the best it can be, providing informative support during your studies.

In addition to tutoring, counselling and internships, the university organizes events designed to meet your needs.

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Career services for graduating students

For guidance at the end of your studies, you can contact your local guidance counsellor.

The University of Bologna also provides services for those who want to continue their studies or to enter the professional world.

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