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How does the final examintion take place?

The dissertation is discussed with the candidate by a Subcommittee of three teachers, including the supervisor (relatore).

At least two members of the Subcommittee must be structured teachers and at least two of the components must normally belong to the discipline sector in which the candidate graduates.

The composition of the Subcommittees is published together with the date of the discussion of the dissertations.

Students must upload the PDF of the dissertation within the deadlines set by the school of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage.

Students will not have to print the DISSERTATION.

After the discussion, the members of the Subcommittee express their evaluation for the dissertation, in the range of 0 to 3 points.

If the candidate graduated on time and has obtained at least 3 honors, in the case of a dissertation of a good methodological level and of a good discussion, it is possible to assign a score up to 4 points. In any case, the final marks is decided by the Examination Board.

The Examination Board meets at the end of the Subcommittees works and, having taken note of the evaluation and taking into account the opinion thereof, assigns the final vote according to the general evaluation criteria established by the Study Course Council, proceeding at the contextual verbalization only electronically: the vote will therefore be communicated to students only through the applications of the University.

The collective proclamation will take place another day, according to the timing and procedures and modalities identified annually by the University.

IMPORTANT: during the discussion there will be no proclamation or communication of the final vote. The discussion is analogous to an oral examination.