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Programme aims

A degree programme in History gives a broad general diachronic background ranging from the ancient, to the medieval, modern and contemporary world.

It proposes an extensive learning curriculum covering broad-ranging topics seen from multiple angles, and presented in a rigorous,up-to-date methodological approach.

It sets out to give students a full understanding of historical events and phenomena seen in a transversal perspective based onskills from closely-related fields, enabling the learner to compare different traditions, methods and approaches.

The degree programme is structured so as to develop professional/occupational skills of a historiographical order, suitable for teaching the subject, bringing it to a broader public, or using a degree-level knowledge of it in editorial work and various public administration careers.

The three-year degree is suitable and designed for extension into a second-cycle Masters degree programme. In their own right,however, the knowledge and skills gained during the basic degree programme in History will serve as an introduction to professions calling for a solid arts education, since this is needed for a grasp of services and products involving culture and history. The knowledge and methods of study gained in the degree programme enable the graduate to go on to post-graduate professional training programmes.