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Global Engagement Office - Recruitment Unit (Padova)

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For academic related information, please contact the programme coordinator/secretariat

Virtual Help Desk: Connect
Tel: +39 049 8276831
Indirizzo: Palazzo Anselmi Lungargine del Piovego 1 - 35131 Padova

International Office - School of Science (PADOVA)

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Alessandra Miola

Tel: +39 049 827 5758

Public hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-13

Fax: +39 049 827 5069

Indirizzo: Via G. Jappelli 1 (School of Science, 2nd floor)


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management of the career of students

Virtual Help Desk: Connect

in person only by appointment

Tel: +39 049 8276444

from Monday to Friday from 10am to noon
on Tuesdays also from 3pm to 4pm

Fax: 049.8276939