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Course Structure Diagram


This interuniversity bachelor’s degree programme, in conjunction with the University of Padua and the University of Bologna, adopts an advanced, innovative, multidisciplinary approach to life science research and to the interaction between human health and the environment.
The first two years cover general biologic principles, human anatomy and physiology, disease mechanisms, and advanced methods in biomedical research. In the third year, students can choose to enrol in one of the two curricula: biological bases of human diseases (Padua) or environmental influences on human health (Bologna).

Programme structure

1st Year: Fundamentals of mathematics; Chemistry; Principles of Biology; Physics with applications to biological systems; Biochemistry 1; Biochemistry 2; Biostatistics; Microbiology.

2nd Year: Molecular Biology and Genetics; Cells, Tissues, Embryology and Development; Global Change and Human Biology; Computational methods in Bioinformatics; Anatomy and Physiology; Introduction to environmental health; Pathology.

3rd Year:

  • Human Health curriculum (at the University of Padua): Clinical and Molecular Biology; Human Genetics; Epidemiology, Public Health and Bioethics; Immunology and Immunopathology; Pharmacology and pharmacogenomics
  • Environmental Health curriculum (at the University of Bologna): Environmental Physiology; Botany and Plant Environment Interactions; Molecular basis of genome editing; Climate change microbiology in human health; Plant metabolism for human health and nutrition

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