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Graduates will be able to undertake a professional career in the following areas: laboratories and research centers, both in the public and private sectors, on a national and international level; industries in the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors; bioinformatics service centers applied to preclinical, clinical and diagnostic research; public administration (e.g. Ministry of the Environment); local health and environmental authorities; consulting and / or communication companies and firms; consultancy for companies in sectors such as occupational safety and industrial hygiene.

The graduate in 'Biology of Human and Environmental Health' will have the choice to continue training by enrolling in Master's Degree courses already activated at the University of Padua (e.g., Molecular Biology, Sanitary Biology, Medical Biotechnologies, Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies) and Bologna (e.g., Biology of Health; Molecular and Cell Biology; Bioinformatics; Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; Science and Management of Nature, curriculum Global Change Ecology and Sustainable Development Goals), or Courses in the Biomedical Science field available nationally and internationally.

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Corso di Biology of Human and Environmental Health - codice 5909

Continuing to study

It gives access to second cycle studies (laurea specialistica/magistrale) and master universitario di primo livello.