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Management and Marketing

  • Programme type Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Bologna
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access ​Restricted access - TOLC
  • Degree Programme Class L-18 - Business administration
  • Degree Programme Director Sabrina Gigli
  • Department Management - DiSA
  • Learning activities Course structure diagrams

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Programme aims

Theprogramme seeks to produce graduates with corporate management know-how andknowledge of corporate decision-making processes who are ready and able toassume professional roles in corporate management. The degree programme is aimed at enabling graduates toimmediately enter the world of work or to obtain further professionalqualifications. The trainingoffered therefore seeks to equip students with knowledge of all corporatefunctions and consequently to help them master the tools to: i) analyse the management mechanisms that govern thevarious corporate functions ii) evaluate the… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the First Cycle Degree Programme in Management andMarketing requires possession of a secondary school diploma awarded after fiveyears of study or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable. Additionally, knowledge and competence in the following areas arerequired: - Logical reasoning and mathematical skills. - English language skills at least at A2 level according to the CommonEuropean Framework of Reference for Languages. The methods for verifying the knowledge required for admission aredefined in the degree programme teaching regulations. If the results of… Read more