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  • Programme type Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Bologna
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access Restricted access - TOLC-I
  • Degree Programme Class L-35 - Mathematics
  • Degree Programme Director Andrea Bonfiglioli
  • Department Mathematics - MAT
  • Learning activities Course structure diagram

Alma Orienta Online

2 and 3 March 2021

Register to take part in the Orientation Days! You will see the presentations, hear from enrolled students, discover the facilities and services offered by the University, and maybe even attend a lecture.

On 1 March you will have pre-access to visit the stands, see the full schedule of events, and plan your visit based on your specific interests. 

We will be there. We look forward to seeing you!

Programme aims

The degree programme seeks to provide basic training to young researchers and science disseminators and to meet the increasingly emerging demand – in the worlds of industry, banking, insurance and finance, and generally in every high-tech service sector, both nationally and internationally – for staff with adequate and sound mathematical skills. As a result, the learning outcomes of the degree programme include basic knowledge in all areas of mathematics. In addition, particularly in the third year, the programme allows students to tailor their studies according to their different interests,… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the Programme in Mathematics requires possession of a secondary school diploma or a foreign qualification, recognised as suitable in accordance with current regulations.Additionally, skills and competencies in the following areas are required: • good general knowledge; • good knowledge of basic mathematics provided for in upper secondary school curricula; • good logical-deductive reasoning and verbal comprehension skills.The methods for verifying the knowledge required for admission are defined in the degree programme teaching regulations. If the assessment is not positive,… Read more