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Programme aims

The Degree Programme in Physics aims at training Physicists with a solid basic knowledge and an open and flexible mind, predisposed to implementing scientific methods, problem-solving and with the ability to learn innovative methods and techniques quickly. Specifically, the degree programme aims at training Physicists who: 
 - possess an adequate basic knowledge of the different sectors of classic and modern physics; - have the knowledge and ability to use the adequate mathematics and computer programming tools for the description and the modelling of physical systems, analysing with… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the Degree Programme requires possession of a secondary school diploma or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable. Admission to the Degree Programme requires: - reasoning ability and good understanding of the language; - good general knowledge; - basic knowledge of mathematics, especially algebra, 2D and 3D geometry and the theory of the elementary functions. - Additionally we recommend a good knowledge of the English language (B1 level). The methods for verifying the knowledge required for admission are defined in the Degree Programme Teaching… Read more