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Sciences and technologies for green and landscape

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Programme aims

With multidisciplinary learning activities integrating basic and agricultural sciences with various others concerning green and landscape management, the degree programme trains expert agronomists in green and landscape able to work both in the production and marketing of ornamental plants and related technical means and products, as well as in the design and management of green systems and areas. In particular the degree programme provides students with knowledge and competencies in basic botanical and agri-environmental subjects, the agricultural management of green areas, agricultural… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the degree programme in Sciences and Technologies for Green and Landscape is subject to the possession of either a five-year high secondary school diploma or other suitable qualification obtained abroad. Additionally, knowledge and competence in the following areas are required: - logical and reasoning abilities; - the ability to read, understand and interpret texts and documents in the Italian language; - basic scientific knowledge. The methods for verifying the knowledge required for admission are defined in the degree programme teaching regulations. If the… Read more