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Programme aims

Presentation In the professional health field of Podiatry, graduates are health workers with duties attributed by decree of the Ministry of Health no. 665 of 14 September 1994 and amendments; in compliancewith the law, after an objective foot examination, they use non-invasive,orthesic and hydro-massage therapy methods to treat callosities, hypertrophic,misshaped and ingrown toenails and foot pain. Under medical prescription,Podiatry graduates prevent and medicate ulcerations on foot warts and assistpatients at risk through health education, identifying and pointing out to thephysician any… Read more

Admission requirements

Requirements 1. Admission requirements andevaluation This study programme has restricted access.The number of places is set annually by MIUR at national level; an entranceexam is set in the methods and on the dates set in the call for applicationsfor the Healthcare Professions, published annually on the School website. Applicants to the degree programme shallhold a five-year secondary school diploma or equivalent suitable qualificationobtained abroad, or a four-year secondary school diploma and diploma for therelative supplementary year, or, where no longer active, will be… Read more