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Psychological Sciences and Techniques

  • Programme type Laurea (First cycle degree/Bachelor - 180 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Cesena
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access ​Restricted access - TOLC
  • Degree Programme Class L-24 - Psychology
  • Degree Programme Director Carlo Tomasetto
  • Department Psychology - PSI
  • Learning activities Course structure diagram

Programme aims

This content is not currently available The degree programme aims to achieve the followinglearning outcomes: (a) acquisition of basic theoretical knowledge in all the areas of psychology; (b) enhancement of soft skills aimed at the diagnosis of situations and(learning and work) contexts in which the students find themselves during theirstudies; (c) development of pre-professional skills (observation of individual and smallgroup interviews, drafting of technical reports); (d) acquisition of skills for monitoring and evaluating competences useful forthe effective management of the… Read more

Admission requirements

Admissionto the Degree Programme is subject to the possession of either a five-year highsecondary school diploma or other suitable qualification obtained abroad. Onealso needs high-school-level knowledge of subjects relevant to the degreeprogramme syllabus, especially in the following five areas: understanding atext in Italian; logical reasoning and problem-solving; rudiments of thescientific method; general knowledge and current affairs; knowledge of Englishto B1 level (anyone shown by the language test to be lower than that level willbe set an Additional Learning Requirement, known as an… Read more