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Programme aims

Specific learning outcomes of the Programme The degree programme in Social and Cultural Education aims to produce a specific professional profile for community work in the twofold field of social and health services and recreational, cultural and environmental education. Social and social-health workers will develop the knowledge and practical strategies to work with the many conditions of psycho-social distress and marginality, as well as in prevention and social inclusion, teaming with other professionals. As recreational, cultural and environmental educators, they will develop the… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission requirements 1. Admission to the degree programme is subject to possession of a five-year secondary school diploma or suitable equivalent qualification obtained abroad, or a four-year secondary school diploma and diploma for the relative supplementary year, or where this is no longer active, students admitted will be assigned additional learning requirements. 2. Restricted access Locally, the degree programme restricts the number of students (art. 1 L. 264/99) according to the resources available. The number of students who may enrol and the process of selection will be… Read more