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Social work

Programme aims

The degree programme in Social Work aims totrain professional social workers, who after passing the state examination mayregister with section B of the professional register to practice. Thisprogramme trains professional profiles able to work in public and privatesocial services, considering the operational methods of the organisation theywork in. In their work, graduates must be able to understand, analyse andassess the demands of professional social services, identifying and fosteringthe use of all personal and institutional resources and those available in thelocal community to implement… Read more

Admission requirements

Admissionrequirements for the degree programme Admissionrequirements and evaluation Applicants to the degreeprogramme in Social Work shall hold a five-year secondary school diploma orequivalent suitable qualification obtained abroad, or a four-year secondaryschool diploma and diploma for the relative supplementary year, or, where nolonger active, they will be assigned credits to be awarded. Admissionto the degree programme in Social Work is subject to the fulfillment of: -Sound knowledge of the Italian language; - Strong general knowledge; Assessmentmay be made in written or… Read more