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Statistical Sciences

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If you are an International student or an Italian student interested in learning Statistics through courses held in English, then visit the website of the Stats&Maths track to learn more about its programme, the admission requirements and its double degree opportunity. 

Programme aims

The 1st cycle degree programmein Statistical Sciences aims to train junior experts and technicians able towork professionally in the statistical field, and build, manage, process,analyse and interpret data in various areas to produce the knowledge requiredto support decision-making processes in private and public bodies in which thestatistician works. The programme offers three curricula, allof which cover the basic methodological tools used in statistical,probabilistic and mathematical fields. Great importance is paid to the study ofthe appropriate computer tools used to manage… Read more

Admission requirements

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Admission to the 1st CycleDegree Programme is subject to the possession of a five-year secondary schooldiploma or equivalent suitable qualification obtained abroad, or a four-yearsecondary school diploma and diploma for the relative supplementary year, or,where no longer active, admitted students will be assigned additional learningrequirements. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED Applicants shall also possess the followingknowledge: For the Bio-demographics and Economics andBusiness curricula - Sound knowledge of written and spoken Italian; - Basic knowledge of the… Read more