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Additional Learning Requirements - Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (OFA)

Enrolment for the Stats&Maths Degree Programmes requires certain basic knowledge; see how it is assessed.

News: For students enrolled in the 2021/22 academic year the deadline to satisfy the Additional Learning Requirements is postponed to 15 June 2023 (DR 07/03/22, Rep n. 316/2023, Prot n. 62200).

What are Additional Learning Requirements?

In order to enrol for the degree programme it is important that you have certain basic knowledge. The check of basic knowledge seeks to ensure that you do not have significant weaknesses in particular subjects for which appropriate preparation is required in order to tackle the first -cycle degree programme successfully.

Even if the check identifies weaknesses in one or more areas, you can still enrol, but you will have to do some supplementary activities known as Additional Learning Requirements. In other words, you might achieve the minimum score required for admission to the degree programme, but not achieve the minimum score required to demonstrate the necessary basic knowledge and, consequently, you will acquire some Additional Learning Requirements.

The Stats&Maths degree programme checks the level of knowledge of the student in Mathematics as part of the admission procedure. Specifically, a student will be assigned Additional Learning Requirements in the following cases:

-      he/she has successfully applied through the SAT-General Test mode but presents a score below 500 (out of 800) in the “Math” section;​

-      he/she has successfully applied through English TOLC-E but presents a score below 4.5 (out of 13) in the “Mathematics” section;

-      he/she has successfully applied through English TOLC-I but presents a score below 7 (out of 20) in the “Mathematics” section.

Additional Learning Requirements and Enrolment in years other than the first

If you have been assigned Additional Learning Requirements, in the year subsequent to matriculation you will be enrolled in:

·         the second year of the degree programme if by the end of the first year you have already satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements;

·         the second year on a conditional basis until you have satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements and, in any case, until 15 June: as soon as you have satisfied the Additional Learning Requirements, your enrolment will change from second year on a conditional basis to second year, but if you do not satisfy them by 15 June 2023 you will be registered as a repeater of the first year.


How to satisfy the Additional Learning Requirements

These are satisfied by passing the final exam of the course Mathematics I, which is one of the learning activities for first year students.  


OFA record

Once the exam is passed and the grade is officially registered by the professor, the requirement will be automatically cancelled by the Administration Office.


The deadline for satisfying the Additional Learning Requirements for students enrolled in the A.Y. 2022/23 is  31 March 2024, which coincides with the end of the exam session for the academic year of matriculation.